Print Provider

Manufacturer of printed or promotional products for
marketing purposes.

  • The InkRouter API expands your print sales force beyond a local market and into a global network.

  • Fulfillment logistics for order submissions are simplified by routing to one of InkRouter’s pre-qualified regional printers.

  • Print shop franchises, already geographically idealized, are especially well-suited to benefit from the CIP4/JDF standards that InkRouter supports.

  • The W2P network print order feed provides a virtually no-cost, cloud-based sales force.

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Print Client

End user of the printed products or broker between print manufacturers and customers.

  • The InkRouter API simultaneously creates local and global networks from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

  • This cloud-based printing hub enables job routing, delivering the lowest landed cost.

  • You control the print procurement on demand.

  • InkRouter conforms orders to CIP4/JDF standards to create an automatic print network for fulfillment wherever there is a print shop.

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