The Digital Natives are Restless

Posted: 2/14/18 by LinkedIn

The Digital Natives are Restless

Printers have a recent obsession with marketing to Millennials. Their collective epiphany? “They are not like us!” This falls into the psychological category of “Well, Duh.” Boomers, while aging out in the print industry, still control much of the decision making. And, they could effectively sell to their children, Gen X. But when Millennials appeared on the scene as the buyers, the generation gap widened beyond their ability to respond. The transition into digital awareness and effectiveness left printing largely out of the loop. Boo Hoo.
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Gen Z and your eight seconds of fame

Posted: 2/14/18 by LinkedIn

Time to move on from the obsession with Millennials and start addressing the attention span and interests of Gen Z.
Last night I was guest lecturer to a group of MarComm students at Loyola-Marymount, a major university in Los Angeles, CA. 17 women, 2 men, 1 LBGTQ. Name a race, they were in attendance.
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InkRouter Launches xPRESS for Niche Print Providers

Posted: 11/7/17 by

InkRouter Inc., a print procurement automation, presents its InkRouter xPRESS feature for print providers. The web-based client is a turnkey solution that expands the market for print providers with a unique product and who do not require a fully automated workflow.
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InkRouter Proves Collaboration Grows Print Industry at Print 17

Posted: 9/22/17 by

LAS VEGAS, NV – Print shop owners have discovered a comprehensive, yet simple solution for expanding services and capabilities at no charge. InkRouter presented its print procurement automation and global network for web-to-print storefronts and trade printer at Print 17, a leading graphic communications trade show held Sept. 10-14 at McCormick Place in Chicago.
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InkRouter Automates Industry-Wide Print Procurement at Print 17

Posted: 9/05/17 by

LAS VEGAS, NV – At this year’s premier event for the graphic communications industry, InkRouter will be presenting its ‘No-Fees’ print procurement solution for web-to-print storefronts and trade printers. The software solution is a 2017 Must See ‘Ems award nominee in The Future of Print: Technology Demonstrations category at Print 17, set for Sept. 10-14 at McCormick Place in Chicago.
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Diversify Your Client Base

Posted: 3/31/17

The risks of a client base that is too narrow, driven by too few of your clients, are issues of concern. We have all worked someplace where 2 or 3 clients rule the roost. All production scheduling, capital equipment selection and staffing center around their needs. In my experience, it was the movie studios. If a movie flopped, it was as if they’d caught a cold and we got pneumonia. It’s great to have major clients, but the risk of losing them after gearing your operation to their needs can put a business in a world of hurt.
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The Buggy Whip Syndrome

Posted: 2/27/17

If only buggy whip manufacturers had realized they were in the personal transportation business, perhaps they would have pivoted to invent the gas pedal. Instead, they ran out of horses to whip. Similarly, printers, ran out of customers who needed a printed page when a website or e-blast would have sufficed. Printed pages haven’t gone away. Neither have horses, but there are a lot fewer being used as they were in the past.
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Do you run a print shop, or a business?

Posted: 2/14/17

There has been a lot of discussion about a printer adding services that stretch beyond printing. Should I add design services? Should we offer data management? Will my client feel I am eating into the work they offer? Read More

Gamification at Work: Empowering the employee

Posted: 2/9/17

Using the Management Information System’s (MIS) data employee movement becomes more efficient and results in smoother production. We are seeing an immediate impact in lower labor costs. At the same time, the employees have the option to increase their hourly wage.. Read More

Robert Godwin and Brett Heap at Drupa 2016

Posted: 1/31/17

InkRouter automates print procurement cutting out the middleman

Looking for the right printer at the right price can take up a lot of time and effort. And when you use an intermediate it can also take a lot of money. InkRouter, a new print procurement software solution for web-to-print storefronts, that was recently launched at Drupa 2016, automates the.. Read More