Who can be members of the InkRouter network?

InkRouter is a member network of Print Clients (resellers) and Print Providers (manufacturers).

Resellers access the network to procure print through an integrated web-to-print e-commerce site; referred to as Print Clients within the InkRouter network.

Manufacturers integrate print fulfillment services through an API (application program interface) that connects to existing websites; referred as Print Providers within the InkRouter network.

What are the requirements to participate in the InkRouter network?

Network participants are responsible for API integration and IT support to join and maintain membership.

Print Clients must place print orders through the InkRouter e-commerce interface. This function generally integrates through an existing website, or by launching a print-specific website. A resale certificate must be provided at registration if network members intend to resell products to the general public.

Print Providers must demonstrate that print products meet or exceed minimum quality standards. Evaluations are conducted on specified output devices with test design files for both lithographic and digital products. Sample promotional products must be submitted for quality review.

Can I be both a Print Provider and a Print Client?

Yes, the bi-directional API technology allows participants to be both a Print Provider and Print Client.

As a Print Provider, manufactured products can be offered through the InkRouter network. As a Print Client, the network also allows Print Providers to:

1. Expand product portfolio by reselling products obtained at wholesale pricing, and/or

2. Conduct market tests prior to investing in capital equipment for added product offering.

Is there a fee to participate in InkRouter?

There are no registration or transaction fees to:

1. Join or maintain membership in the InkRouter network.

2. Sell or purchase print fulfillment orders.

How do I join the InkRouter network?

Upon registration, network members will receive thorough documentation and a kick-off orientation.

InkRouter terms and Conditions

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