Print Cloud and API solution

A print procurement network that: opens up a no-cost sales channel for the print provider – and creates a global network of virtually every available print process and product for print clients and resellers. Designed to improve the way you work with your printer or digital press. With a full range of features for managing job flows and output streams as well as easy content uploads from different sources

InkRouter’s API

(application programming interface) integrates with virtually any business through an existing website, MIS or email. The InkRouter software automatically finds the lowest landed cost for the project.

Only qualified printers are network participants.

InkRouter has a network of printers in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

Low shipping cost

Regional manufacturing takes advantage of in-country manufacturing to reduce shipping costs and customs delays.

Free Sign Up

No sign-up fees or per-transaction fees for participating in the InkRouter network.

Variety of materials

Printing projects for marketing collateral can include any type of material or printing effects.

Real time Tracking

Get in touch with your orders and status updates anytime, anywhere through Connected APPS notifications or emails.

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What's the deal with cloud printing?

Ink Router
Global Printing Network
Virtually every print process & product Lowest landed cost + best price Regional manufacturing Lower shipping costs
Ink Router
Team Automation
Save time tracking down the best provider at the right price in the most convenient location.
Ink Router
Say Goodbye to Fees
No sign-up fee to join,
No per-transaction fees,
Less overhead, more profit

Make your print products available worldwide

  • Business cards
    Business cards23
  • Brochure
  • T-shirt
  • Books
  • Packaging
Ink Router
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Ink Router
Connected from any device

World wide print network

With a network that stretches from the United States to Japan, we have access to quality products at competitive prices with short lead times. Our integration between our partners' workflow ensures automated job processing for high-quality results.

Global API for printing and shipping

With latest and intuitive Restful Print & Ship API, you can now get instant prices for printing or shipping from anywhere in the world.

Secure API

Latest encryption technology for safe interaction between Print providers and Clients

Steady and scalable API Platform

Easy to scale up or down according with demand without any downtime in between. High performance while being flexible enough to adapt quickly when new features are added

Seamless integration with variety of global platforms and apps

InkRouter is the perfect solution for any business owner who needs an easy way to connect their ecommerce store or storage platform. 

  • WooCommerce
  • Amazon
  • Shopify

Print Faster with our cloud API from any device

Cloud printing is an innovative way to seamlessly print from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Be productive on any device with ease and convenience.